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There are 3 ways to contact the website author/editor/"webmaster" (and make sure to identify yourself as best as possible, i.e., include your full name, return postal address, senior school year, telephone number & email address):

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the "Purdys Central High Family Album" by contributing your memorabilia!

Purdys Central High School Class of 1933 Please share with your classmates and friends in North Salem and elsewhere any-and-all materials related to Purdys Central High School.  Use the contact information shown above to discuss what you may have - or - simply submit your photos, stories, comments, etc. via Electronic Mail or Postal Mail.  Some of what you may have includes:

All your materials will be returned to you, or, at your expressed request, arrangements will be made to donate any article to the North Salem Historical Society.  Please don't forget to 1) label your materials with your class or reunion year, as necessary, and, 2) provide your return address so that physical materials may be safely returned to you.   Thank you!